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hi there!

I'm Aria

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I've set out on a fascinatingly rich, and expansive journey up until this point. Exploring many passions which include my artistic endeavors such as painting, music, writing, sculpting, and acting. Through my experience as an actor, I discovered a passion for coaching, specifically helping people with their accent, voice, and speech, for the past 10 years. Now, I'm thrilled to take that passion to the next level moving into a different kind of art form. The healing arts. My aim is to guide others on a deeper level to light their path to clarity and transformation. Thanks to my extensive background in Metaphysical Sciences (M.Sc.) and having worked with various spiritual mentors, shaman, and therapists, I have learned many embodiment and spiritual practices, energy healing, and NLP techniques, which helped me bring a distinctive approach to guiding you on your evolutionary journey. Focusing on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of our being.

As a guide, I create a safe and supportive space for you to connect and embrace your highest and truest self, heal from within, and empower you to pursue the life you love.

Whether you need support or healing tools, I am equipped to provide you with both, so you can live your best life. Check out the services page to learn more about what I teach and how I can help.

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about this work

Shifting Paradigms to Become Who You Truly Are

At Universoul Rising, I offer a range of services to help you overcome your past and limiting beliefs, for you to live more authentically, leading to a more fulfilling and healthy life. I'm of the notion that we are spiritual beings having physical bodily experiences. The body is our vessel, and it is made of the same matter and energy as the stars and everything in our known universe. And because of this reason I believe it's vital to not only work on the mind, but also the emotional body, and our etheric or energetic bodies as well. This is why I have devoted the past several years learning all different kinds of therapies and healing work. Drawing from cognitive, somatic, NLP, and spiritual tools, I guide you towards gaining insights and new perspectives, enabling you to see yourself and your experiences in a new light. Together, we'll explore the parts of yourself that you may have dismissed, reframing them with a fresh perspective and finding harmony within. This transformative journey will lead to lasting change and healing.

We all have light and darkness within us, but by embracing all aspects of ourselves, we can become a powerful source of love and inspiration, lighting up the world around us. If you're seeking to unlock your divine gifts and power, I invite you to explore my services. Together, let's create a more joyful and aligned life, full of love, light, and transformation.

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My story

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As a child, and for most of my life I felt like I had to hide the most precious and special parts of myself from the world. The things that made me so unique. My my deep emotions, sensitivity, and even extrasensory perception were all sources of fear and shame because of my upbringing. As a child of an abusive and NPD (narcissistic personality disordered) father, who left my family at a young age, I grew up with many insecurities and fears. There was so much dysfunction and abuse from the men in my family towards me, as well as from outside my family, and I grew up disliking parts of who I was due to this and being bullied throughout my life. I had abandonment issues and a fear of expressing myself. I felt stuck in anger and running on the default of "survival mode," using all kinds of coping mechanisms throughout my life, not knowing why I reacted to situations the way I did. Which ultimately led to a lack of self-worth and unhealthy relationships throughout my life. I felt beat down and alone, looking for love in the wrong people and trusting others more than myself. I sat in victim mentality and questioned why these patterns pursued me and why there was so much dysfunction in my life. After a devastating breakup in 2015 before moving to London, I reached my breaking point which would be the catalyst for my reconnection to the divine. After this heartbreak I felt broken, and could no longer make sense of my life. A wise friend suggested that I connect with a certain angel guide, and since I had nothing more to lose, I listened to him.

At rock bottom, and after days of rampant emotions that seemed like never-ending tears, I resigned to this angel guide, asking for help. A moment later I experienced the most profound feeling of surrendering, and overwhelming feeling of serenity and relief hit me. I felt the deepest connection to the divine, receiving messages from this guide as well as from my higher self. This was a wake up call to myself and a reminder that I was not alone, nor had I ever been alone, even though I felt it so deeply my entire life. Shortly after, I was able to find peace and clarity, and a renewed strength and empowerment I hadn't felt before. The right people started showing up in my life, I found the perfect home in London, my consciousness started expanding, and I reconnected to my spiritual gifts and my divinity (which I discuss more about in my blog). This experience nudged me on a new road of life, realized the importance of forgiveness, letting go of blame, taking responsibility for my own life, and engaging in deep introspection. I forgave those who hurt me in my life, and I forgave myself as I knew I had made many mistakes hurting myself and others. I learned that my experiences were a reflection of my choices and actions, and of what I thought I deserved (which at that point was very little). As painful as they were, all of these challenging life experiences and relationships served as powerful teachers, and I recognized that relationships, especially challenging ones, offer valuable lessons, and opportunities for growth.

For example, though I was bullied for my voice and artistic dreams, I used that to fuel me, daring myself to be brave enough to show up for myself and my artist soul. I found the courage to embrace myself and my passions to pursue a career as a voice actor and voice/accent coach helping people use their voices creatively, and to better communicate and connect to others in the world. Though my early life presented me with many challenges, I ultimately no longer allowed my past and these experiences to define me. I extracted the teachings from them and forged a creative, fulfilling, and transformational career. It gives me a deep sense of purpose helping others growth, instilling confidence in them, nurturing their passions, while reinforcing their skills and abilities. My healing journey required me to take responsibility for my own life and healing, overcome societal barriers, and heal childhood, and ancestral wounds. It is still a work in progress and I am always growing and moving towards more love, joy, peace, and light. I share my story to inspire others who feel stuck, alone, or who may not know how to change their lives. I hope my experience encourages others to make positive changes and embrace personal growth. If you'd like to know more about how I can help, please reach out to me. Or if you are curious to read more about my experiences and journey, you can go to my blog, where I share lessons, ah-ha moments, and tips to help you on your healing journey.

  • Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc. University of Metaphysics 2022

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc, University of Sedona 2019

  • Ordained Reverend & Certified Practitioner, Wisdom of the Heart Church

  • Certified NLP Practitioner (ICR) Professional Life Coach, CCF

  • Accredited Usui Reiki Level 2,  Cert. Natural Healer, Canadian Reiki Association

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