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Embracing the Dragon: Taming Your Shadow Self

Updated: May 27, 2023

Many moons ago, in a distant mystical world of magic and wonder, there dwelled a powerful dragon who lived in the cave on a mountain top. This dragon was a creature of incomprehensible depths and a fiery inferno that blazed with a ferocity that most of the world and its inhabitants could not fathom, let alone embrace. To some humans, this dragon symbolized all of their deepest fears, doubts, and negative traits.

And so for this reason, the dragon lived in exile, far from the prying eyes of the villagers in the nearby town, forced to hide and lurk in the shadows for fear of being hunted. But the dragon was not content with a life of solitude and would occasionally venture into the town to cause chaos and destruction. The villagers grew tired of the constant fear and destruction and demanded action. The Burgomeister, the master of the town, offered a generous reward to anyone brave enough to slay the beast and rid the town of its terror.

Even the bravest warriors trembled at the mere mention of its name. No one wanted to bring attention to it for fear they would call the dragon into their existence. One day, a courageous soul decided to venture into the woods and up the mountain in search of this dark and mysterious creature. The journey was treacherous and full of unknown dangers, but the lure of the reward and the chance to free the town from its fear was far too great to ignore. The human's heart raced as they approached the dragon's lair, unsure of what to expect but determined to face whatever lay ahead. As the sun began to set, the woods grew darker and the air grew thick with an eerie silence. The human's heart pounded with each step, their senses on high alert for any sign of danger. Suddenly, a snap echoed through the trees, causing the human to whip around in fear. Was it the dragon? The human couldn't be sure, but they knew they had to act fast. Trembling, the human stood their ground, determined to face whatever was coming their way. For too long they had been plagued by the shadowy presence of the dragon, always lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike. But the human had had enough of living in fear and shrinking down in fear of this dragon. The human started to make out two fiery orbs that unveiled themselves in the distance. As they grew closer, the human realized with a jolt of fear that they were indeed the glowing eyes of the dragon. The eyes flickered and danced in the twilight night. The human stood frozen, unable to move, as the dragon approached him with a menacing gait.

At first, this human noticed that the dragon was fierce and seemed angry. The human stood before the fearsome dragon, flames billowing from its jaws, they couldn't help but feel their heart pounding in their chest. But as they held their ground, something unexpected happened. The dragon's fiery rage began to subside, and it spoke to the human in a voice that rumbled like thunder. This dragon was more than just a mythical creature. It fed on the emotions of the townspeople, representing the dark shadow self of the human psyche, embodying all their deepest fears and doubts.

The dragon revealed a surprising truth: it was not a fearsome beast to be defeated, but a powerful ally that had been waiting for the human to acknowledge its existence. It represented all the parts of the human that they had repressed and kept hidden away, and by facing it head-on, the human had the chance to embrace their true self and become more whole than ever before. The dragon explained that it only wanted to be acknowledged, and in doing so, the human could integrate their shadow self and become a more whole and complete person.

The dragon's words resonated deeply with the human, and as they listened to its wise counsel, they felt a sense of peace and understanding wash over them. No longer was the dragon a source of fear, but a beacon of hope and transformation. The human realized that they had been running from their own shadows, trying to ignore and deny them. But in doing so, they had only made them grow stronger and more powerful. By facing their dragon and befriending it, the human could tame their shadow self and harness its power for their own benefit. So, the human spent time with the dragon, getting to know its ways and learning from it. They discovered that the dragon was not all bad, but rather a complex being with many facets.

Eventually these two souls became friends, and together faced countless challenges, triumphing over them with ease. The dragon's powers grew stronger, and the human became more confident and self-assured in an entirely new way. Together, they explored hidden realms and discovered ancient treasures, encountering mythical beasts and magical creatures along the way. The bond between them grew stronger with each adventure they shared, and they soon became known throughout the land as a revered and legendary duo. The dragon had not only become a companion, but a mentor to the human, guiding them on a path of self-discovery, teaching the human how to harness their own power. By getting to know the human and their struggles, the dragon gained a deeper appreciation for the complexities of human emotion and behavior and they both learned about compassion and acceptance.

As they stood atop a high mountain peak, gazing out at the breathtaking view before them, the human felt a sense of profound gratitude towards the dragon. They knew that without the dragon's guidance and support, they would never have become the person they were today. And so, with a deep sense of reverence, the human vowed to always honor the dragon and their unique friendship.

A testament to the power of facing one's fears and embracing one's true self.



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