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For as long as you can remember, have you felt "different" and unusual, possibly being called "overly sensitive" by the people around you, feeling as if you don't belong? Do you feel a profound calling to make the world a happier, healthier, and more peaceful place to live? Do you honor and respect Mother earth and all her living beings? Does the plight of the world's issues evoke feelings of intense sadness within you? If you answered yes to these questions, you may very well be "light being." "Light beings" and "lightworkers" are terms used to describe those on a mission to help others heal, as well as spread positive energy and love out into the world, while raising the earth's vibration. They feel a deep spiritual calling contribute to the greater good of humanity and help their fellow earthlings. Animals can also play a unique role in the spiritual journey of humans. Some believe that certain animals, at a soul level, choose to live alongside humans with a purpose. They are seen as catalysts for healing, personal growth, and the elevation of planetary energy. These animals are considered part of a broader mission to aid in humanity's evolution and contribute to raising collective consciousness of the planet.


1. Light beings possess a deep respect for all life, often expressed through their concern for the environment and their deep affinity for animals. The harm inflicted on the animal and plant kingdom by human actions brings them heavy emotions of sadness and grief.

2. They recognize the interconnectedness of all things as they view life through a spiritual lens. They may carry memories of non-terrestrial realms, feeling like outsiders on Earth, even occasionally experiencing nostalgia for these distant cosmic terrains.

3. From an early age, they sense that they are “different” and frequently experience a sense of isolation, loneliness, and a feeling of being misunderstood, leading them to be more independent, even hermetic, charting their own unique life path, going at it alone.

4. Light beings find it challenging to conform to conventional jobs or hierarchical structures. They have an anti-authoritarian nature about them and naturally resist decisions based solely on power and material gain or status. They usually want “nothing to do with it,” which can make them seem reserved or indifferent. But it is this resistance that plays an integral role in their mission on Earth.

5. They radiate empathy and love, exemplifying kindness. Because of this they can easily pick up both positive and negative emotions and moods around them which can burn them out. In order to recharge and feel in harmony with universal consciousness, while reconnecting to themselves, it's important that they take time out in the natural world, and in solitude.

6. Light beings have a rich history of spiritual involvement across many lifetimes on Earth. They were prevalent in ancient religious orders as hermits, shamans, mediums, nuns, priests, and priestesses. They link the earthly and extraterrestrial realms, as they serve as bridges between the seen and unseen, uniting spiritual realms with the universal kingdom of God.

7. Light beings are drawn to roles that aid and serve others, such as therapists, teachers, healers, or volunteers. Their professions may not always directly relate to helping people, but their intention to contribute to humanity's well-being is evidently strong.

In summary, these special beings apply wisdom and love to fulfill their sacred roles. Today, light beings can feel more liberation, no longer feeling as if they have to hide for fear of being cast out, for their deep emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

Blessings and love to all the fellow light beings and light-workers in the world!


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