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The Blessings of Challenge and a Happy New You

In reflecting on the lessons of the past year, I've come to realize that life's challenges often catch us off guard, and that's okay. It's part of our journey as humans here on earth. The idea of being truly ready for whatever life throws our way is quite elusive, but I've found solace in believing in the divines timing. I know that doors close, but new ones swing open in their place, and I can hold conviction in the belief; “This, or something better.” I have been reminded that the ebb and flow of life may not always comply with our preferred schedule of the things we envision, but again, the universe orchestrates its own symphony of timing.

I've learned to discern when to voice and assert a genuine "yes" and when to gracefully decline when I do not mean it. That to establish firm boundaries are a pathway to inner peace and sanctuary, especially in the midst of any darkness that threatens to obscure our light. That not everything and everyone aligns with my essence, just as I may not resonate with everyone else’s. That even when the world seems draped in darkness, new and unique perspectives emerge, illuminating the beauty concealed within the challenges. Each trial is an invitation to grow and reconnect with my higher, most loving self, but its important to recognize that the road to that point may require a patient passage of time. I have come to see that something I once perceived as perfect, or believed to be healthy and loving, may actually be far from it. And this understanding marks a significant shift in perspective and invites a deeper exploration of authenticity. I've also come to understand that the journey toward authenticity demands both discernment and patience. Our triggers will be purposefully activated, in order to guide us toward a higher plane of evolution and self-discovery. I write these words as a gentle reminder, expressing the hope that you, too, will welcome this realization in your own time, liberated from the self-imposed pressures forcing you to rush through the delicate process of healing, and the pains of growth.

All of these things help to keep me living authentically and aligned, even when the initial sensation may not harmonize with my being. It's important to acknowledge that alignment requires a patient adjustment period, a transformative phase that unfolds at its own pace. Awakening from the depths of pain requires feeling, moving, and releasing the energy housed within our sacred temples of our being. This process, combined with the passage of time and the gift of grace, is essential. May you grant yourself the grace needed to navigate through whatever challenges are in your life. or ones that lie ahead, embracing your transformative journey with compassion and resilience.

As we step into the promise of 2024, let’s set out to:

  • Cultivate a profound connection with our inner light.

  • Direct our focus towards things within our control.

  • Seek the magic embedded in the fabric of each passing moment.

  • Embrace trust in the divine timing of life's unfolding.

  • Distance ourselves from negative energies.

  • Courageously step beyond the confines of our comfort zone, as this is when we grow most.

  • And above all, remember to extend to yourself the love you undeniably deserve.

In embracing these intentions, a downpour of healing, growth, and self-love unfolds.

Remember, as we heal individually, the world heals too.

Here's to a brilliant and transformative New Year, where the light within us guides the way. With much love and light, Aria


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