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What Makes You So YOUnique? Unveil and Celebrate Yourself!

Updated: Apr 11

Are you ready to open up and celebrate what makes you so YOU-nique? What can you do today to celebrate the unique divine being you are? Today, I'm excited to share a little about me, celebrate my quirks, and give you a little insight in to who I am, as a person and coach. As a highly sensitive “misfit” who has navigated through the challenges life offers us, I believe vulnerability and sharing is immensely significant to our spiritual and healing journeys as well as connection. Despite the hardships life has thrown me, I've been on a path of healing and growth for decades, and through my own soul work, therapy, and spiritual education, I've learned invaluable lessons that have shaped me into the person I am today. Now, I'm passionate about using my experiences and knowledge to support others on their spiritual journeys, offering guidance, compassion, and understanding every step of the way.

I'll admit, these past few years I've spent a a ton of time lingering in the shadows, working on my healing and education, content to observe the world from a safe distance (thanks covid). But lately, there's been a

stirring inside of me. It's as if the winds of change are whispering, urging me to step into the light and let my true colours shine. It's truly freeing to express myself authentically, unafraid of judgment or ridicule for my beliefs and sensitivities. I embrace my uniqueness with pride, honoring my quirks and the title of wild woman. From the depths of my soul, I've always marched to the beat of my own drum, and I have no intention of stopping now. I'm here to radiate my light and share my truth with the world. So, I invite you to join me on this journey of self-expression and liberation. Let's shine brightly together, unapologetically and boldly! I encourage you to do the same, I'll go first! I'm Aria, your caring spiritual companion on this crazy journey we call life. Here's a little peek into me:

Soulful Wayfarer:

From a young age, I traversed a path less traveled, highly sensitive, I was the odd one out, dubbed the "witch" in school when being one was definitely not okay. Bullied both at school and home, I often felt like an outsider, as if I never quite belonged. Compounded by early abandonment by one of my parents and entangled in draining, toxic relationships as an adult, I sought refuge in various therapies, from RTT to CBT, in search of solace and understanding. Yet, it wasn't until I realized my own innate healing powers embracing the transformative power of NLP and rediscovering spiritual practices is when my journey took a profound turn. Today, I wear a few hats: metaphysicist, NLP practitioner, spiritual guide. But beyond titles, I am a healer, and passionate seeker of the esoteric, the healing arts, and the unseen.

Cosmic Creator:

Ever since I can remember, I've been on a wild ride of co-creating some seriously cool stuff and incredible experiences. But before I knew how to harness my thoughts and emotions, I also manifested some negative and life shattering things. Fast forward to now, channeling the cosmic juju and tapping into divine vibes, I've conjured up wonderful opportunities that have taken me all over the world, and an amazing soul tribe that fills my life with love and joy. In 2020, after a profound realization of what no longer served me, I boldly proclaimed my desires to the universe along with the type of partner I wished for and realized I deserved all along. Within a week, my beloved appeared. Talk about cosmic speed dating and a testament to the power of intention and alignment!

Every day, we enrich each other's lives, balancing each other greatly as he says, and growing together with profound love and a soulful connection. He's the healthiest, most loving partner I've ever known, and I feel so blessed. Now, I hope to stand as an inspiration of what's possible, guiding others to manifest the life they wish to experience. With each soul I touch, I share the sacred wisdom of NLP (taking back and rewiring their mind), mindfulness, and manifestation, empowering them tap into their own divine potential and cosmic magic. Because let's be real, life's too short to settle for anything less than what you truly deserve and desire!

Spiritual Wanderer.

From the tender age when the world was still painted with the colors of wonder, I've been drawn to the mystical and the unseen. Since I was little, I've walked the thin veil between worlds, encountering spirits, angels, and otherworldly entities which have illuminated my path, guiding me through realms both enchanting and eerie. Despite societal norms and the emergence of ego, I've remained connected to the whispers of the ethereal. Fortunately and sometimes not so, I continue to commune with those in the afterlife and other realms, guided by a deep connection to the unseen. I have connected with angels, spirit guides, benevolent beings, and not so benevolent ones. Through this connection, I've not only stumbled upon accidental astral projections but also intentionally ventured into astral realms and OBE's (out of body experiences) leading to experiences that have profoundly enriched my journey, and on a very honest note, humbled yet freaked me out a little.

Mystical Explorer:

I've had a lifelong love affair with theology, magic, and esoterics, exploring the depths of these mystical realms since a young age. With a heart that beats for the paranormal, I delve fearlessly into the depths of metaphysics, shamanism, and spirituality. Call me a paranormal and mystical nerd, if you will – I wear those titles with pride! I am a passionate seeker of healing techniques, along with the mystical and the unknown.

Animal Whisperer:

The language of the heart knows no bounds, transcending barriers of species and form. As a devoted bird lover and animal enthusiast, I've found solace in the company of creatures great and small. Whether working as a vet assistant, or volunteering at animal rescues, feeding the birds in every country I have visited, each interaction has been a sacred exchange of love and understanding, deepening my connection to the natural world.

Global Nomad:

Wanderlust flows through my veins, guiding me to distant lands and unfamiliar shores. My lineage has been big on immigrating to different countries and continents. From bustling cities to tranquil villages, I've collected experiences and stories like treasured souvenirs along the way. Each destination has gifted me with unique perspectives and insights, enriching my journey and broadening my understanding of the world.

Music Aficionado:

As a fervent admirer of all things musical, I find comfort and inspiration in the diverse rhythms and melodies that fill the air. From jazz to classical, rock to world music, I immerse myself in a symphony of sounds, getting lost in the captivating frequencies and textures. My journey with music began with the saxophone, where I discovered the power of expression and emotion through each note. I swear I must have been a composer in a past life. Even today, music continues to transport me to other worlds, evoking a kaleidoscope of feelings and sensations that enrich my soul. I believe it has also honed my ability to teach accents and voices to people over the past decade, as well as learn languages.

Wanderlust Adventurer:

The call of the open road is a melody that resonates deep within my soul. In pursuit of adventure, I've set out on epic road trips that spanned 7 countries, living out of a vehicle and traversing landscapes that blur the line between dreams and reality. Every twist and turn of my journey reflects the endless curiosity and adventurous spirit that define me.

Creative Spirit:

Within the realm of creativity, I've found my sanctuary. As an artist, actor, writer and coach in the world of film and TV, I've danced with characters and stories, breathing life into narratives that captivate the imagination. By weaving tales that resonate with the human experience, I've built bridges that go beyond the limits of time and space, welcoming fellow travelers to set out on voyages of self-discovery and growth alongside me.

I am filled with gratitude for the experiences that have shaped me and the adventures that lie ahead. Thank you for reading and I hope this inspires you to take inventory of the beauty that is you and dive into some self-discovery and exploration. Let’s take in the magic of existence and unlock the mysteries of the universe together. Now, what can you do today to honor and celebrate the unique divine being that you are?


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