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A Love Letter to Yourself
Embrace Your Radiance: A Self-Love Masterclass Journey
Are you longing to feel reconnected to your being and body, to experience the gentle embrace of self-love, and to deepen your connection with yourself
Are you longing to feel reconnected to your being and body? To give yourself the same love you so freely offer others??  TO experience the gentle embrace of self-love, and to deepen your connection with yourself

A Love Letter to Yourself, is your invitation to nurture a deep sense of reverence for the extraordinary journey you're navigating. This private and intimate gathering invites you to uncover the layers of your being, recognizing the essence of who you are—mind, soul, and your sacred body temple. Join us in this transformative hour-long session, where you'll be gently guided through healing meditation, journaling, and soul-stirring spiritual practices, like soul retrieval. All designed to open your heart, and allow you to honor and embrace the facets of yourself and the intricate pieces that form the mosaic of your life. 


In a world brimming with distractions and distortions, the practice of self-love becomes a precious gem that we often overlook.


  • Your life journey may have left your soul wounded.

  • Moments of self-betrayal may linger in your mind.

  • Resentment might echo towards perceived limitations and past mistakes.

  • Life may feel repetitive and lackluster, as if passion and spark have faded.

  • You may neglect, or have been neglecting aspects of your life's journey.

  • You may be navigating the terrain of building self-trust in the safety of being authentically you.

  • Or, maybe you're already on a journey of self-love, looking to deepen that connection further.

Regardless of where you stand in your relationship with yourself and your life, this guided session is a compassionate support system, dedicated to helping you honor all parts of yourself and mending your connection to your sacred existence.



Soulful Heart Expansion: Learn to connect and channel the boundless love of the Universe into your being. By forging a sacred connection with your inner self, you'll start to receive and radiate love with more ease, expanding your soul and heart.

Journaling for Self Discovery: Engage in heart-centered journaling to explore the depths of your essence, unveiling layers of self-love longing to be embraced.

Mind Rewiring with NLP: Immerse yourself in the alchemy of NLP exercises, gently unraveling and reframing thought patterns. Witness the profound shift as self-love becomes your innate and unwavering state of being.

Heal and Harmonize: Recognize the sacredness of your foundational relationship—the one with yourself. Through the spiritual practice of soul retrieval, witness the profound expansion of self-love as it weaves its healing magic into different facets of your life, activating a transformative shift in your connections with the world.


Manifest a Life You Love: As the echoes of self-love reverberate within, you will start to see the unfolding of a life harmonized with your true essence. You, as the co-creator, hold the key to unlocking doors to the life you've always envisioned, and this transformative work will set you on a course precisely aligned with what is you need.

Let's celebrate the art of self-love on Valentine's Day!


Embrace Your Radiance: A Self-Love Masterclass Journey

We will send you the time and link. If you can't make it live, don't worry as we'll be sending you a replay link!

🗓 Date: February 14th, 2024

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Aria "Stellari" DeMaris M. Sc.

Metaphysician, NLP Practitioner

and Spiritual Coach

Hi I'm Aria! Metaphysician, spiritual guide, and NLP practitioner. I've guided my clients from struggle with self-worth and limiting beliefs, to a space of empowerment, where they effortlessly attract the lives they truly deserve and desire. In this master class, I'm thrilled to share empowering knowledge and provide you with tools for your spiritual healing, self-love, and manifestation journey. Get ready to step into your most loving self and power!

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